Why are Apprenticeships so important?

They help you attract new talent

By welcoming new apprentices into your organisation, not only are you are encouraging a fluid workforce but you by giving young individuals the opportunity of developing a career with the relevant skills and qualifications that your business requires. Apprentices will grow and develop with your company and are therefore much more likely to stay within your organisation and become key team members

They help you retain talent

A business is only as good as its workforce. And apprenticeship programmes make it easier for you to build and keep a loyal and productive workforce by enabling your employees to achieve their potential within your business.

They help you to spot home-grown talent

Recruiting new employees is an expensive, time-consuming process. Apprenticeship programmes help you to spot potential talent within your business, and nurture it to realise its full potential.

By training with F2L Apprenticeships you will…..

Nurture homegrown talent

Why waste money on recruitment fees? We’ll help you nurture the talent within your existing workforce.

Recruit Apprentices

With our in house recruitment team, we will advertise your apprenticeship vacancies and work hard to attract the very best candidates to the roles. With our robust screening process we will help find you the right candidate which our team of experienced trainers/assessors will be able to deliver the training on site around your business operations.

Access government funding

When you employ an apprentice or upskill any employee within your workforce on an apprenticeship program, there are no additional training costs to your organisation.  We secure funding from the government in order to train all apprentices at no cost.

Get flexibility around the needs of your business

Wherever possible we ensure that training doesn’t impact your business. We schedule all training and assessment direct with employers and employees at times that suit everyone.

Meet compliance requirements

All training is carried out by fully qualified, industry specialists, and learners are fully supported throughout their programme.

Improve productivity

Apprentices are invested in their career and feel valued by their business because both parties are embarking on a learning journey together. As a result they are more motivated and productive.

Reduce staff turnover

Apprenticeships help you build a loyal workforce by enabling your employees to achieve their potential within your business.

Advance employee progression

Our courses and qualifications are Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 and come from awarding bodies including ILM, Highfield, Pearson and City & Guilds. They’re designed to help your employees progress their careers and if having a workforce with higher level skills is the goal, this can easily be achieved via the apprenticeship pathway.

Reduce future skills shortages

Apprenticeships don’t just help to fill your current skills gaps – they ensure your business has the steady stream of talent it needs to continue growing.

Our Recruitment Process

Free 2 Learn at Work have a dedicated team to support recruitment of apprenticeship vacancies nationally.  Through our recruitment team we can support with the following:

  • Working with employers to produce job descriptions and templates.
  • Advertise positions nationally, using numerous job websites, National Apprenticeship Service, and through relationships with JCPs and recruitment partners.
  • Full thorough screening of all applicants to meet employer’s specifications and apprenticeship eligibility guidelines.
  • Interview coordination working with the employer and chosen candidates.
  • Feedback and support to candidates.
  • Apprenticeship placements nationally.
  • Delivery of apprenticeship training nationally for successful candidates.

Next steps

For further information please contact your local Free2Learn office or email Apprenticeships@free2learn.org.uk and a member of the team will respond to your query.