Walking to Victory

Free2Learn were delighted to sponsor a recent fitness initiative run by one of our partners; United Road Transport Union (URTU). Free2Learn have partnered with URTU to offer Apprenticeship programmes to a number of well-known and respected employer brands up and down the country. The ‘walking challenge’ was introduced to show that URTU workplaces across the UK do care about ensuring their workforce is healthy, supporting simple exercises such as walking. The initiative also demonstrated to individuals just how far they walked during a typical working day including in their home life. This left many participants quite surprised at the distance they travelled.

walking-challange-three walking-challange-two

The competition had teams of up to ten individuals participating, all provided with pedometers to measure distances walked over a defined period. The team with the greatest combined distance were overall winners and within that team there was an individual winner for the greatest distance covered.

From all the teams that entered, the winning group that completed the challenge with the most steps was the ‘Sausage Strollers’, all based at XPO Logistics within the Weetabix complex at Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire. The top stepper, Daniel Bolwell, managed 179,000 steps, which is thought to average about seven miles a day walking around a warehouse. Fellow colleague Rob Drake came a close second.

John Cusworth, Head of Business Development for Free2Learn attended a presentation for the winning team with high street vouchers, sponsored by Free2Learn, for their great efforts. Also in attendance at the presentation was Barry Marks; URTU Education Project Manager, to award the certificates. A special thanks must also go to Kenny Wignall of XPO Logistics for coordinating and organising support within the workplace to ensure teams participated in this great initiative.

The main thanks should of course go to the winning team consisting of: Daniel Bowell, Rob Drake, Annika White, Dave Robinson, Ian Jones, Craig Taylor, Glenn Wright, Sherif Ibrahim and Paulo DeSilva.

Free2Learn look forward to supporting the next URTU initiative.

Doncaster boys’ football team scores success with sponsorship deal with training firm

Bessacarr U11s Greens have clinched a deal with the Hallgate based firm which will see the team, based at Cantley Park, carry the firm’s logo on its shirts next season. The team’s players gathered at the firm’s offices with manager Jon Cook and Free2Learn chief commercial officer Andy Hibbitt for a photo shoot.

Four Reasons Why Training Your Existing Employees is the Solution to Most Team Issues

Most retail companies understand that people make up their business and it is the team that deliver the product, interact with customers and make sales. That’s why we spend so much on the recruitment process – to hire the best and most talented people to help us grow our businesses.

Makes sense right?

Yes, absolutely. But often, that’s where the story ends… You’ve hired the best possible candidate, and you expect them to continue to be the best person for the job, without supporting and upskilling them over time.

That’s where so many retail businesses make a big mistake.

That ‘great hire’ could over time become someone who’s demotivated, disinterested, inefficient and unhappy and will likely quit, because they aren’t progressing or motivated to be better. If they don’t resign they could seriously harm your business’ reputation by badmouthing to other staff, complaining in front of customers on the shop floor, being inefficient and just not caring about doing a good job anymore – resulting in you having to ‘let them go’.

Training can stop that costly loss of motivation in its tracks. Here are four reasons why:


 1. Training staff improves your bottom line

A well trained member of your team will always have a positive impact on the bottom line, through improved customer service and communication and being able to generate new sales and increase the spend per customer. Happy team = happy customers.


2. Training reduces staff turnover

Many employers fear that when they train their team, they’ll go and hunt out a ‘better’ job and the money and time invested in training will be wasted. What is wrong with this way of thinking is that training is proven to increase employee motivation, productivity and effectiveness and in turn, staff retention. When employees feel they have career growth and progression, and future opportunities – they have something to work towards and they’ll stay.

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat people well enough so they dont want to”  – Richard Branson


3. Training fills skill gaps, which can reduce the cost of hiring

It can be expensive to hire new staff. Not only do you need to advertise, spend time reading CVs and interviewing potential candidates, but you have to train new staff on the business and basics of the role. Which is why it’s worth considering whether you can fill a skill gap with your existing team.

Is there someone on your team who has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and delivered results or has similar skills and experience who with the right additional training could take on something new as part of their role? If so, it’s a golden opportunity to up skill them.

Hire character. Train skill”  – Peter Schutz


4. Training creates a team

There’s no harder job than trying to motivate a group of workers who’re disinterested. Often it takes just one ‘bad egg’ to bring the whole team down. When you invest in your team by providing additional training and support to all of them, your staff will feel valued – giving them a true sense of worth within the workplace and a lot of team spirit.


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