Visual merchandising is a key consideration for any retail business, but it can be hard to know where to start. So we’ve compiled 19 of the best visual merchandising ideas for retail businesses:

Window Displays:

  1. Don’t just stick to seasonal and holiday themes for your displays
  2. Keep the same theme but don’t bring out the same props year after year
  3. Maintain your store front. A shabby front is not a good frame for a beautiful window display
  4. Aim for the unusual and oversized to attract attention
  5. Integrate multimedia into your displays with video
  6. Make it interactive. Introduce sensory elements or dynamic techniques
  7. Use audio to get shoppers looking up from their mobiles
  8. Establish a focal point and them direct your viewer to each key element of the display
  9. Remember key design elements such as size, shape, form, line, colour, space and texture
  10. Don’t forget design principles such as pattern, rhythm, contrast, balance, harmony, novelty, variety and emphasis


In Store:

  1. Create ambiance with music, scents and lighting
  2. Use texture to enhance the sense of touch throughout the store
  3. Use the in store displays to show them how it will look in context (for example at home if you sell furniture, on similar size and aged models if clothing)
  4. Freshen up the decor regularly
  5. Avoid overstocking and clutter
  6. Don’t let things get shabby, like ripped posters or visible fixings
  7. Guide customers around the store with clear signage
  8. Group like with like and/or by lifestyle so customers can find things easily and logically
  9. Allow your customers space to move around