Review date: July 2017

Next Review Date: July 2018



Free to Learn Ltd is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities through adopting sound principles and implementing good practice, and by continuous improvement in environmental performance. The company will seek to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility in all its staff and learners, and in doing so, aim to become a sustainable community.

Skills Funding Agency (SFA) vision, as set down in From Here to Sustainability (2006), is that centres will actively commit and contribute to sustainable development through responsible management of their resources, through the learning opportunities they deliver and their engagement with communities. Free to Learn Ltd will ensure progress by responding to the SFA strategy and through implementation of its own sustainability policy and action plan.

This Sustainability Policy will act as a guiding document for all future improvements and is linked to all other Centre policies.

Accordingly, it is the policy of the Centre to:

  1. Manage the Centre in a manner that reduces the impact of its activities on the local / wider environment, with emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint.
  2. Seek cultural change through raising awareness of collective and individual responsibility in working towards achieving a sustainable centre community.
  3. Include sustainability discussions as a part of the inductions and staff meetings.
  4. Continually increase its knowledge base of sustainability issues
  5. Consider the wider environmental impact of its spending decisions through seeking an appropriate balance between cost and sustainability.
  6. Conform to and where possible exceed minimum legal requirements for reducing adverse environmental impacts.
  7. Work with partners and external communities, to help promote sustainability within the local area and the SE Region.
  8. Monitor and regularly audit its environmental performance and develop management systems that seek continuous, measurable progress.
  9. Ensure that this policy and all reports and reviews of environmental performance, are communicated to all staff and students, and are available to the public.

The policy will be monitored by the Director who will also be responsible for it implementation via the key staff.

Environment Implementation Plan

Action Tasks Due
Maximise the energy and water efficiency on all existing premises. Constantly control the spend of the water and energy. On-going
Maximise the use and value of materials in the waste stream and create opportunities to contribute to the green economy. Promote the contribution to the green economy. On-going
Ensure that all the buildings  have “smart mobility” in order to improve air quality, reduce congestion and improve marketability. Promote the use of the public transport by the learners and staff as all the centres have the public transport accessibility. On-going
Promote sustainable development principles among the staff. Incorporate sustainable development as a theme of CPD for all staff.

Include a sustainability policy as a part of the induction for the newcomers.

Promote wellbeing and Health and Safety among the learners. Wellbeing and health and safety information to be included in the learners’ leaflet and classroom sessions. On-going