Review Date: August 2017

Next Review Date: August 2018

                                                                                                                                              Quality Assurance Policy                                                          

Policy Statement

Free to Learn Ltd (Free2Learn) aims to deliver high quality training and will implement a policy of continuous quality improvement.


Quality Assurance of Provision

All delivery staff and senior managers share responsibility for the implementation of quality systems. Free2Learn quality assurance standards are embedded into related policies and procedures and our administrative systems and processes evidence the implementation of these standards.

Free2Learn aims to deliver an excellent standard of service to our learners and monitor and review our standards and performance after every course. Each learner provides feedback after completion of their course.

Quality assurance indicators and targets are agreed and monitored by Free2Learn. Feedback from learners and other stakeholders is sought and Free2Learn is responding appropriately.

Where Free2Learn is working with external partners to deliver accredited training they will be expected to implement the same quality standards and will be supported to do so.

Free2Learn is ensuring that quality assurance standards are implemented consistently and effectively in all areas of training provision.

All learners and staff are provided with information relating to quality standards and processes that may involve them.

Free2Learn recognise the value of external quality review and have a commitment to working openly and positively with externally appointed quality reviewers.

External quality reports are reviewed by Free2Learn management team which is taking responsibility for ensuring that any recommendations are implemented.

The management team prepares an annual Self-Assessment report and a Quality Improvement Plan which allows to track the improvements.


Signed: Gabriella Gherscovic

Position: Director