Review Date: August 2017

Next Review Date: August 2018



 At Free to Learn Ltd (Free2Learn) we aim to deliver outstanding achievements within our teaching and learning to support our organisation and partners with the highest standards of quality service that we offer to our learners.


Lesson Planning & Preparation

An IAG is carried out with all learners by an advisor then the trainer is allocated a cohort.  The trainer has access to relevant information about the learners to aid them with their session planning and to identify any additional learning needs.  The information available is group profile created by the advisors for each cohort and also access to our LMS system which the trainer uses to register the learners, read or add notes as relevant for continued monitoring and support.

Free2Learn provides the trainers with copies of a SOW and copies of the session plans for each qualification delivered.  The trainer creates their own version of a session plan to best suit the current cohort at any given time.

Resources, worksheets session planning takes in account of the individual learner’ needs. Preparation of materials takes account of clear language levels and reading levels. The use of Power point, flipcharts, whiteboards, paper and workbooks are available in the classroom.

Classrooms are kept tidy and are well organised. Any hazards within areas are identified and dealt with in accordance in line with the Health and Safety Policy and includes a Risk Assessment


Teaching Methods

Our qualified and effective trainers adopt a range of approaches to teaching and learning.  Classroom teaching is varied and could consist of group discussions, question & answers, recognised previous learning, role plays, group work, demonstrations or presentations to support and embed the learning.


The following points reflect good practice

  • Instructions and explanations are clear and specific and take account of the learner’s individual communication needs.
  • Learners feel involved and equally valued as Equality & Diversity promoted throughout the learners journey.
  • The lessons have a clear beginning, middle and end, building upon the previous lessons and there is a clear understanding of objectives and aims. Functional skills are embedded within the learning and are evidenced on session plans.
  • Any misunderstandings are dealt with to ensure all learners understand the content of the lessons. It is important that the learners’ understanding is evaluated through the use of appropriate questioning or tasks.
  • There should be a shared understanding of appropriate behaviour by learners and staff. This should be achieved through mutual respect and adherence to clear classroom rules agreed at the beginning of their learning.
  • During the lessons, learners’ are given feedback and one-to-one support levelled as appropriate to the tasks or assessment.


Reflective practice and continuous Learning

Observation of teaching & learning are carried out quarterly to enable us to continuously update and improve our delivery and meet outstanding achievements.

Standardisation meetings are carried out to allow best practices to be shared, update the trainers of any changes and build good working relations throughout the organisation.  We track our teaching and learning by reviewing and updating our Quality Improvement Plan regularly and the trainers are encouraged to attend workshops and events and update their CPD’s.


Signed: Gabriella Gherscovic

Position: Director