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5 Tips to good wellbeing while job searching

5 Tips to good wellbeing while job searching

Searching for a job day after day can become tedious and knock your confidence. You are not alone. Many people experience challenges when job searching especially when you have been doing it for a while. Here are 5 tips to getting back into or staying on top of your job searching.

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  1. Create a schedule and Structure

Creating a schedule and structure to your day will help manage your job searching, applications and interviews. Mapping out what you are going to do in the day will help you see what needs to be done. It will keep you motivated to complete and tick off what you have achieved. This will help you have a sense of control to your life. Setting aside a one hour each morning to work on updating your CV or setting goals such as attending three networking events this month, will keep up your momentum. Knowing that you are able to complete and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself shows the hard work and dedication you have put it to your searching


2. Self-Care

While you’re scheduling and getting organised for your job searching, you need to balance your time between searching and time out for yourself. Making a list of activities that evoke self-care like watching your favourite show, working out or a hobby with help balance out your time and make you feel less tied down to one task. Include big and small activities but don’t be unrealistic to your lifestyle. Other small things you could do is to drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep and eat well. These will all keep your body healthy and keep you feeling positive.

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3. Reach out for help

Talk to people about your dreams and aspirations, let them know that you’re actively looking for a job and show off your skills and experiences. You never know who might be able to help you or know someone looking to fill a vacancy. Talk about any barriers you might have and someone may be able to help you out. Talking through bad experiences or if you are nervous before an interview will help you work through it. That person may have also experienced a similar thing and will be able to share how they dealt with the situation and give you advice to apply to any challenges you may come across.    

4. Be prepared and proactive

Being prepared for what could come up as a result of your job search will help you get the best out of it. Making sure your CV is as good as it can be will be a positive start. Making sure your referees are happy to be on your CV and are able to be contacted by potential employers. Getting prepared presentations or portfolios with your best work will save a last-minute panic, if you are called in for an interview. Making sure you have researched and have rehearsed interview questions so you are confident and ready for what they might ask. Making sure your online profile is clean as recruiters will search for you before getting in contact with you about roles.

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5. Celebrate your successes

It’s important to celebrate your successes however big or small they might be. Getting your first interview or just getting through your do to list, all deserve recognition and help towards the journey to employment.  Job seeking is not easy and rejection is tough. The more you can say and see the steps you have achieved and recognising how hard you have worked towards it, will all help in staying upbeat about the process. You may not have got the job, you may not have got the interview but you have been in the top 300 applicants which is a great achievement. Remember, finding a job is a journey, all the things you do along the way will count towards the final result, every little step is a success to celebrate.

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