7 Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Considered For Your Cleaning Business

1. Get Gushing Testimonials from Past Customers

Ask your satisfied clients to provide you with testimonials which you can use not only on your website, but also your leaflets, quotes, invoices, social media, business cards, email signature – wherever you market your business you can use a testimonial. Seeing reviews from other happy customers will help potential customers trust you.


2. Tap Into Existing Customers

Whilst you’re reaching out to past customers, you’ve a golden opportunity to bring in new business. Why not create a unique offer for them to encourage them to use your services again? If they were happy with what you offered the first time around, this little nudge will bring you repeat business. Secondly, your existing customers are the best resource for getting new customers, hands down. Ask them to recommend you to three new people who could use your services in return for a special incentive.


3. Create a Professional Brand Across The Board

Branding isn’t just about your logo and website – it’s about the experience your customers have with you at every step. It all needs to match and come together as one, and it’s as much about your company’s image as it is your reputation. Does your uniform or company vehicle reflect your professionalism? Is your customer service top notch? If not, it’s time to do something about it.


Customer Service shouldnt be a department, it should be the entire companyTony Hsieh


4. Check Out The Competition Regularly

Although you don’t want to get too bogged down in what other cleaning businesses are doing, it can be useful to check in now and then on their marketing to see whether they’re doing something different that affects your business. Perhaps they’re running an offer that is better value than yours? You may also find gaps in the market for you to jump into – if your local competitors aren’t using Twitter but your clients are – it could be an great opportunity for you.


If you arent a little different from your competitor youre in troubleMark Sanborn


5. Know Your Ideal Customers

Do you really know who your ideal customers are? If you’re trying to target everyone, you’ll target no one. Your potential customers want to know that you understand they’re specific problems and can solve them easily. A hotel client will have different challenges to a residential clients. If you’re struggling to find new customers, focus in on a particular market and speak directly to them.


Everyone is not your customerSeth Godin


6. Find new places to list your business

Is your cleaning business on yell.com? What about Google places? Or local business directories? The more places you can list your business online and offline, the more opportunities and chances you’ll have be found by people searching for your services.


7. Start Connecting via Social Media

If you’re not using social media to find and connect with your customers and potential customers, you’re missing a trick. Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are a goldmine of potential business. You just need to know who you’re trying to connect with (see tip number 4) and reach out to them and talk to them – get to know who they are, what challenges they’re facing and provide solutions to those challenges.

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