A Need for UK Security

In light of the heart-breaking and tragic events which have unfolded recently across the globe and more recently in London, officials everywhere are deliberating how to best combat terrorism and provide additional, professional security. The current threat level for terrorism in the UK is severe, and in response to this threat, police and security services are working diligently to keep possible terrorists under surveillance and to protect the public.
The terrorist attack outside a concert arena in Manchester confronted security operations, and exposed the vulnerabilities of security patrol. Showsec, the concert’s security provider, were instructed to safeguard only who entered or left the arena, but not just outside the arena, where the attack occurred. The true vulnerabilities in security lie in the areas which are only loosely secured, such as outside a concert, the lobby of an airport, or the streets- areas which have minimum security, but not enough to prevent an attack.


Security is an ever-needed and growing industry. As mentioned before, the UK is in a state of national emergency, and another terrorist attack is deemed very likely by authorities.

The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester Arena and London Bridge have hurled security and policing to the top of the agenda. Security is an industry which will always need a large workforce, and Britain is already hiring thousands of new recruits as counter-terrorism measures.


The recent events and the UK’s severe threat level are dreadful and grave occurrences. This has led to an opening for more security work and opportunities. Free2Learn offers a security course which sets up a platform to find work in this fundamental sector. By offering loss prevention, fire safety, manual handling, and health and safety skills, as well as covering the cost of acquiring the SIA license, F2L will help you to find your place in the security field.

In this age of terrorism, the UK needs more security workers and officials to counter the atrocious acts, scrutinise suspects, and help protect the public. The skills and qualifications learned during the security course at Free2Learn will employ you in a job in which you can alleviate the public worry, secure those vulnerable public areas around the UK, and join the efforts to combat terrorism.

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