Date: November 2017

Review Date: November 2018


Appeals Against Assessment Decisions


It is the intention of Free to Learn Ltd (Free2Learn) that the assessment process will be transparent, fair and just for all learners. A copy of this policy will be provided during course enrolment and will be displayed in teaching areas.

Every learner may appeal against an assessment decision. Reasons for appeal may include:

  • You feel you have been treated unfairly;
  • The assessment decisions were wrong or invalid;
  • The assessment process was unfair or incorrectly carried out;
  • The assessment or teaching methods were inappropriate;
  • The assessment process was unreliable or inconsistent;
  • The course work and content did not meet the published course outline.


Stage 1.

In the first instance you should discuss your concerns with your trainer or advisor. Your trainer or advisor will reply to your concerns within five working days..


Stage 2

If you have been unable to resolve your appeal or complaint informally you can appeal in writing to the Training Development Manager at Free2Learn. Your appeal will be investigated, assessed and a decision will be given to you within 1 month.


Stage 3

If you are still not satisfied with the result of your appeal you can request for your appeal to be forwarded to an Appeals Committee. The committee will consist of the Head of Curriculum, Teaching&Learning Coordinator  and an independent person. The Committee will respond to your appeal in writing within 1 month.


Stage 4 (applicable if the training is externally accredited)

You have the right to appeal to the relevant awarding body.

The result of the awarding body is final.

The appeals are discussed on the management meetings in order to improve the services.


Relevant Policies:

Complaints Policy

Equality&Diversity Policy

Assessment Policy