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At Free2Learn we provide job seekers with free training courses that will help them step into the world of work. Of course, this training will be most enjoyed if you choose a course that sparks your interest and goes with your personality. Especially when it’s time to get to work, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your tasks and enjoy the day-to-day.

Some people are very sure about their preferences, but others can have a hard time making up their minds. For the undecided, we created this personality guide. Find yourself on the chart and sign-up in the right course for you!


Who is the perfect match for…



A excellent opportunity for someone who likes to participate in community events. You will have the chance to attend to festivals, concerts, and sports events. If you want to be helpful to others. If you are interested in learning about fire safety, manual handling, and health… This is definitely the one for you!

Security is an ever-growing and needed profession. It offers a variety of jobs from security operatives to corporate heads and a salary ranging from £18,000 to £125,000. Subscribe to the course now!



If you are an active person that would prefer to work in movement rather than sitting down with a computer. If you like to work with a team. If you are organised, useful for lists and stock control… You are the kind of person for Logistic and Warehousing!

Logistics covers almost all sectors of industry which move, handle or store goods or materials. The salary for this industry lies between £20,000 and £45,000, including a wide variety of job opportunities.



Especially suits sociable people! If you are friendly and cheerful. If you are curious about the backstage functioning of hotels, restaurants and bars. If you are interested in learning about food hygiene, catering, safety and courtesy. This one’s for you!

The hospitality industry consists of many exciting organisations including hotels, restaurants, food service management, fast food, coffee shops and pubs, bars and nightclubs. It involves an array of jobs with a salary between £20,000 and £60,000.



If you prefer to have a dynamic job in which you switch between projects and locations. If you like to spend time outside instead of sitting inside an office. If you are happy to work with a team. If you are into crafts… Then you should enroll in Construction!

Construction employs around 2.5 million people in the UK – that means that one in every ten jobs is in construction! The average salary for construction work in the UK is between £24,000 and £57,500.



A great opportunity if you want to work in a professional yet friendly atmosphere. If you’ve got communication skills, you are sociable and patient, if you know how to listen and to help, if you enjoy the tranquility of having your own workspace and work over the phone… You will be a great contact center professional!

The UK contact center industry is a flourishing sector with many employability opportunities. The average salary for this field is between £19,000- £32,500, employing more and more people every year.



If you are a natural born organizer that enjoys putting everything in order. If you feel comfortable operating machinery, if you like to work with a team in a safe environment and you like to be in movement, join this course!

Retail and Warehousing is a huge industry, and has numerous and varied opportunities. The salary ranges between £16,000 and £47,500. Free2Learn will also fund the costs of acquiring a forklift license.

Remember that all of our courses were carefully designed for you to find a career opportunity in a growing industry. And also, they are completely free. So give it a try, make your decision with peace of mind and select the one that suits you best.

Unemployment rate in UK is at its lowest. How does that impact you?

New opportunities are arising … get ready!


Have you heard the good news?

Over the last months, unemployment in the UK dropped to 4.5%. That is the lowest level since 1975 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Great, unemployment is on its lowest point in 40 years. The numbers are very encouraging! However, this means that there are currently 1.54 million people still out of work.

UK’s minister of work said: “Unemployment is low, employment is high and there are over three-quarter of a million vacancies.”


So, why aren’t the vacancies filled yet?

There are many reasons why unemployed people may be having trouble to find a job opportunity. Starting with where to look for it and how to take the interview, to gathering a number of qualifications, skills or sometimes even having a licence.


Sounds complicated.

It could be, but that’s where Free2Learn steps in.

We provide vocational training to job seekers. We offer our applicants training courses, apprenticeships, workforce development, compliance training, and give them all the advice and assistance they need to step into the world of work. All for free.


What kind of training do you do?

We offer a varied range of courses, each one in a growing industry where the applicants have the real chance to get a job and start a career. We are focused on providing worthful vocational training to young learners and job seekers.

Among our courses, you will find: Security and loss prevention, Logistics and warehousing, Construction, Hospitality, Retail and Contact Center courses. Each of these areas have excellent working perspective.

Tutor and students in one of our centres.


Does it work?

Yes, we are proud of our accomplishments 🙂 We have 98% achievement rate across different qualifications and have already successfully trained over 10,000 unemployed people each year. Additionally, all of our vocational courses are fully accredited on LARA.


And why do you do it?

Free2Learn is passionate about transforming lives. We aim to develop the prosperity and well-being of the learners under our care and to support the economic growth of the employers and industries we serve. We have supported thousands of learners in realising their potential and ultimately reaching their career goals.

But enough from us. Listen to student testimonials in the video below and, if they sound convincing to you, simply join our courses and launch your career with us.

Check out why thousands of students around UK decided to join our courses:


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9 reasons to start a career in security


Our Security and Loss Prevention course enables you to learn what it takes to get a job in the security sector. If you are currently looking for a new prospect in your career, this is an opportunity you should definitely consider. Here’s why.


Kick-start a career in a growing market

Security is high on the UK agenda and now there is no major public or private organisation without a team dedicated to managing security issues. The market is strong, and rapidly expanding. At the moment, around 143,800 people are employed in the investigation and security-related industry in the UK and 26,500 in London alone.


A variety of positions in security

Security offers a variety of positions such as CCTV operative, door supervisor or security officer. And the in-house security team within a business is just one part of the industry. There’s also other interesting options, from business-to-business security solutions to crime awareness advice, monitoring behavior on the streets or protecting buildings.


Your attitude is everything

Lack of academic qualifications has never been a barrier to entry this industry. Skills, attributes and attitudes are the primary criteria. Employers are looking for applicants with determination and enthusiasm and of course, the necessary SIA license which you will get for free in our course.


There is room for diverse people

The sector is truly diverse in its employment practices. People from all ages, European and Non-EU applicants are equally welcome. The sector is also increasingly being well represented by women in all levels.


You will be doing good

Security and loss prevention is a service that seeks for a safer community. In this kind of job, you will be able to help others in any inconvenience that might come up. Your responsibility is to guarantee safety and people will come to you for help and advice. They will also look up to you.


Get skills for future possibilities

During our course and during your work experience, you will gain a variety of skills which will help you not only to find a job in the security sector but also to utilise these skills for many other future possibilities. You will learn customer service and loss prevention skills for retail, how to effectively lead and encourage a team, and also gain knowledge in personal development and employability.


Become a leader

Working as a security officer demands an attitude. This is a great opportunity for your professional development: be a leader, act as a counsellor, trainer and advisor.


Attend awesome events

There is lots of opportunities to work in music festivals or sports events. Even though you will not always be able to join the party, it is always nice to be part of a festive community event.


You can get ready with us, for free.

Free2Learn will cover the £220 cost of acquiring the SIA license as well as granting you additional skills to succeed, such as fire safety, manual handling, and health and safety. This course guarantees the knowledge and resources that you will need to become a proficient employee in an expanding industry!

Our courses run in London, Manchester and Doncaster. If you are claiming State Benefits and are over 19 years old, sign-up now for the course and kick-start your career!