Review Date: August 2017

Next Review Date: August 2018



Free to Learn Ltd (Free2Learn) welcomes the richness and diversity of its community and believes in the equal value of all its learners and staff.   We are committed to remove barriers to access and to ensure that all learners and staff have the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Free2Learn is opposed to any such discrimination and welcomes equally all learners who wish to succeed in their learning and employment goals. 

The following characteristics are protected under the Equality Act (2010) – age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

Free2Learn is opposed to all types of discriminatory behavior and harassment and is committed to taking action against racist or sexist behavior or any form of any discrimination. 

Discrimination means any unfair treatment and may be deliberate or unintentional.  Harassment includes assaults, bullying, threats, offensive comments and gestures, ‘jokes’, graffiti, and offensive literature.

Free2Learn is committed to:

  • Working pro-actively to promote good relations between all students and staff prevent discrimination, bullying or harassment on any grounds
  • Promote equality of access to education, training and development
  • Provide flexible learning and working opportunities to support differing aspirations and goals
  • Promote good practice in all activities such as recruitment, selection promotion and curriculum practices
  • Promote, manage and monitor equality and diversity across the company and in particular focusing on the protected characteristics

Management team will:

  • Promote equality of opportunity and diversity within the workforce and clients
  • Encourage recruitment from groups currently under-represented in the company
  • Address equality issues in self-assessments and produce appropriate action plans and targets.
  • Treat our customers, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect
  • Promote an environment free from discrimination, bullying and harassment, and tackling behavior which breaches this
  • Recognize and value the differences and individual contribution that people make
  • Building in legislative requirements and best practice to all our service delivery and employee policies and procedures

Trainers and assessors will:

  • Have equally high expectations of all learners irrespective of race, social background, gender and age.
  • Ensure that the curriculum content relates to the different groups of the learners
  • Adopt a range of teaching methods and style to support learners with disabilities, learning difficulties and different learning styles.
  • Create a classroom ethos and learning environment that is inclusive and enables all learners to feel comfortable and is conducive to learners realizing their potential.
  • Adopt marking policies and assessment methods that treat learners impartially and do not discriminate against any group. Standardise marking systems and share criteria with learners.
  • Introduce learners to the Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedures in induction.
  • Take appropriate and immediate action in the event of incidents of harassment or discrimination.

Champion for Equality&Diversity (HR Manager) will:

  • Induct staff and trainers on Equality and Diversity
  • Advise staff and trainers on all issues related to equality and diversity
  • Collate data on the diversity of staff
  • Investigate complaints related to equality
  • Organise events to promote Equality and Diversity

Related Policies:

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Following legislations were used for preparation of the following document:

Equality Act 2010

Public Sector Equality Duty (Specific Duties) Regulation 2011

Equality and Human Rights Commission


Signed: Gabriella Gherscovic

Position: Director