Food Service Trends : 2015

food trends f2lawAs we slowly work our way through January we turn our thoughts turn to what’s going to be the next big thing in food service and catering in 2015. How have the trends of 2014 faired and will they continue into 2015? What’s bubbling up under the surface on how we eat that’s ready to be picked up en masse?

Just like the fashion industry, food trends come and go, some staying for the long haul. We take a look at what’s piqued back in 2014, what’s sticking around and what’s new for this year:


Cronuts and Bruffins. 2014 was the year of the cronut – a mix between a croissant and a donut. And now we’re being treated to bruffin. Yep, you’ve got it…. a brioche muffin. These culinary mashups, and their blended names, look set to get more popular over the coming months, with more hybrids popping up and taking the limelight.

Cider. Hot on heels of the ‘craft beer’ movement comes cider. Thanks to the popularity of flavoured ciders over and above pre-mixed, ready-to-drink options such as vodka mixes, sales of cider continue to rise. The UK and Swedish cider markets are taking the lead and it’s expected new
Veggies. Vegetables are having a bit of a moment thanks to chef’s like Ottolenghi and it’s not just vegetarians who’re getting in on the action. Plant based and organic food takes the fore on our menus and continues to do so into 2015.

Nostalgia and tradition. Baby boomers continue to be a growth market for dining, whilst millenials have taken a dip in recent times. The nostalgia and British traditions is a trend we’re seeing more and more popping up in UK dining. From traditional tea and the classic G&T to childhood favourites of ice cream, pineapple and even (dare we say it) smash.


Solo Dining. Reports show that almost 50% of dining occasions are of a single diner eating alone. This rise in solo dining is set to see more establishments introducing communal tables and single seats, and finding innovative ways to accommodate them without losing out on covers.
Integrating Tech. Diners are digital. They’re on their smart phones and tablets and expect free wifi when they eat out. They’re also expecting more and more tech in the dining experience – from interactive menus, digital displays or even digital tables which take their order. There is a rise in digital-free-dining but if that’s not your USP or mission, then it’s better to move with the times and keep abreast of what diners expect digitally, as well as everything else.

Mission marketing. It’s no good just leading on price, cuisine, experience or quality theses days. You have to stand for something and have a mission. Whether that’s being sustainable or having social responsibility, you need to be positioning yourself as caring and standing for something more than just the food.

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