About the course


Being a people person is a talent – and employers know that. Especially when it affects their customers. All you have to do is to get your skills as good as your personality.

If you’re aged 19-24 and unemployed, Free2Learn is offering fully funded Training in Customer Service. Yes, this means you’ll get accredited qualifications at no cost to you. It will all be covered by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

This is your opportunity to get accredited training and work experience to take you right to the heart of the business.

After the training, you can either be able to get the job or meet new employers. Don’t worry, we will also help you with that:

– Writing your CV and getting Interview Skills

– Opening your bank account

– Obtaining your National Insurance Number

After this course, you can always come back for any other part-time training. And we will give you support to keep your job or find a new one.


After completing our 6-week training you’ll get: 

– Employability and Functional Skills

– Level 1 Certificate in Work Skills

– Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service

– Work experience & Increased chances of finding a job

Assessments days

The first thing you need is to call us on 0208 525 9430 (option 5) and book an assessment.

On your Assessment Day you will need to bring:

– Proof of ID: Your passport or birth certificate

– Proof of Address

– Proof of Benefits (in case you receive any allowance): JSA letter from Jobcentre Plus; or a recent bank statement showing your Job Seekers Allowance payment – not older than 2 months)

After presenting your documentation, you will make an initial exam. Once you have passed, you’re ready to enrol!

Elegibility requirements

To be aged 19-24 years old. (19 from 31/AUG/2015)

To be unemployed

Residing in the UK/EU for the last 3 years

(Student Visas are not eligible. Other eligibility criteria may apply.)