How technology is creating new jobs in Fashion and Retail

Technology has become a must in every business. Today’s connected customers expect faster delivery, quality products, and competitive prices. For companies to ensure sustained growth, mobile devices and applications are essential.

There’s a special element that’s becoming bigger and bigger when it comes to supply smart logistics and connectivity: Warehousing. A place used for storing goods and distributing them.

The UK warehousing sector is constantly growing in demand. Companies adopting mobility throughout their warehouses and distribution centres are seeing significant benefits such as affordable rents, secure stock monitoring, and fast shipments.

The rise of e-commerce brought many retailers, especially from the fashion industry, to the warehouse system. So, what at first sight appeared to be technology taking over jobs in retail stores, shifted into the generation of new employment opportunities. And warehousing has excellent prospects for starting a career.

Are you into fashion? Are you organised and neat? Do you feel comfortable operating machinery?

If the answer is yes, you should consider our Retail and Warehousing course!

Read the facts and get ready to kick-start your career.

  • What is it about

In our free course, you’ll become skilled in customer services, learn how to effectively lead and encourage a team, acquire warehousing principles, learn to stock control, and gain knowledge in personal development and employability.   

Free2Learn will also fund the costs of acquiring a forklift license, which will open up a range of new possibilities!

  • Who is it for

If you are over 19 and unemployed, we will be thrilled to have you in our free course. And it’s even better if you like teamwork and if you are interested in a job in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Why should you do it

The retail section of warehousing has been one of the leading dominations, making up almost 35% of all stock and hires thousands of employees to work within it.

The size and diversity of this industry mean that there are numerous opportunities, and you can be part of it!

The salary ranges between £16,000 and £47,500 with great working conditions in a safe environment.

  • And that’s not all!

We are connected with large retail companies that might be interested in you! This course has links with various fashion brands such as ASOS, which helps form crucial links to the professional world.

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