Josh Stollery

I would say I have obtained a significant amount of knowledge from the course tutor John. He has a lot of experience when it comes to security as he has been in the trade for around 35 years.

The course hasn’t had a dull moment because John keeps you switched on and always notices if your attention has veered elsewhere. He’s a very approachable man and I would definitely go to him if I needed any advice for any problem I may have.

Not only does he know the theoretical side of security but he also knows the physical side like the back of his hand. He tends to share past experiences which will help me to remember to always be vigilant when I take on my role as a door supervisor.

I was quite nervous when it came to exam day but John took us aside into a different room and made sure we were clear in our understanding of any things we weren’t quite conformable with, which helped me a lot. To be honest I think I did really well anyway because John’s drill square voice really sinks in so you remember his voice in the back of your head!

He keeps the same attitude towards our learning every day and involves everybody so that no one feels less than they should and nobody feels any favouritism at all.

The course has also brought me really close with people that I hadn’t met before in such a short space of time, I couldn’t think of a better man for the job.

Josh StolleryLevel 1 Customer Service I Functional Skills I Door Supervisor Training Course
Scott Lowe

Since I started the SIA course with Free2Learn I have gained lots of experience in what the course is all about, as well as gaining confidence in myself and in the work I am doing.

My tutor makes me feel welcome and really involved in what we are doing. The course is fun and enjoyable; John knows a lot about the SIA course.

John is a very experienced man in this area and I’m really glad he is sharing that knowledge with me and my group.

He has made doing the security exam a lot less stressful and unnerving because he has the confidence that I will pass, which in turn makes me more confident in myself.

John even took the time to give me a quick re-cap on the course before our exam which made it much easier to walk in and be calm about it.

Scott Lowe Level 1 Customer Service I Functional Skills I Door Supervisor Training Course
Paul Reynoldson

I originally asked to enrol for the SIA course as a fail-safe from my job hunting experience. I am a fully qualified Mental Health Nurse and also a fully accredited and qualified Health and Social Care Tutor/Trainer. I came onto this course with an open mind and an open heart.

During my working life I have always worked in areas dominated by females; that is Health care, whether in the Prison Service, NHS or Private sector.

I have never felt such camaraderie as I have on this course. The tutor, John is an engaging and personable character, who has the ability to enable the group, who are from all different educational abilities, backgrounds race and culture, to blend so well that the bond between the learners is extremely strong.

Personally I have applied myself the course and feel ready to commit to crossing my training skills over to security from Healthcare.

Paul ReynoldsonLevel 2 Customer Service I Level 2 Team Leading I Door Supervisor Training Course