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Make it happen! Get your CV ready for 2021!

Make it happen! Get your CV ready for 2021!

As the holiday season comes into full swing and we start to think about the new year. It can be great to look, reflect and update your online profiles and CV to match your situation better and start the new year with a fresh and positive outlook. Here are some tips on where and how to start.

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  1.  Review your CV

Sitting down and going through your current CV and seeing where you think you could improve, change, or alter what is written, and highlighting those sections, will help start shaping your CV to standout. Asking your friends and family to go through your CV, can help give some out-side perspective and input into what is working and what is not. There are also Free CV review sites that can help see if your CV matches up with others applying for similar roles.  Check with your local Job centre adviser if they can book a cv review with an adviser from the National Career Service for you.


2.Review your CV

After highlighting and finding out what could be tweaked or changed on your CV, you are now ready to start editing it. Having job descriptions or feedback from interviews close to hand, can help you focus on what to include and what type of content to change. During this process you do not want to overwrite your original CV file in case you go overboard, so always keep your old CV versions just in case you need them.  You can also ask others for feedback while you are editing so you have an idea of how effective the changes have been.

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  • 3. Refresh your online profiles

Giving your online profiles a refresh for the new year will give them new energy and show that you are active and care about them. You can update your profile image, bio’s and any information that is now out of date. Adding extra details about what you have been working on, like improving/ learning new skills. You can also update them with your new refreshed CV.

  • 4. Make a plan of Action

Making an action plan of what you would like to achieve next year, whether that is improving your skills, dedicating more time for job searching or just working on your interview technique. It is good to list them out and see what you would like to do. It will also remind you and keep you focused on your goals. Your action plan does not have to be big things, keeping in achievable will help you on your path to landing your next opportunity.

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