Should I become a gas engineer? Yes, we have 5 good reasons for you.

Five reasons to become a gas engineer


Choosing a career can be puzzling. You need to evaluate the pros and cons of each industry along with your own set of skills and preferences. Whether you’re looking for something for the first time or looking for a change, the decision is always tough as you know it can affect your life in a long-term capacity.

Keep calm. Certain areas in the UK can guarantee you excellent work prospects. Gas Engineering is one of them. There’s a current shortage of ‘Gas Safe’ installers in the UK today, so such skills are in demand both commercially and domestically. Still not enough? Here are some excellent reasons why pursuing a career in the gas industry can be the right thing for you.

1. Competitive Salary

As in most careers, engineer salaries vary depending on your experience level. The Everyman gas fitter could earn up to £30,000 a year, whereas very experienced leading gas engineers can earn up to £50,000 a year. If you run your own business – the situation of many in the gas trade – these figures could significantly increase.

2. It’s a Career

Choosing a career in the gas industry opens you up to a whole range of prospects. It’s a secure profession, and with legal regulations requiring people to hire ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers to service their boilers, your skills will always be in demand. With time, you will strengthen your skills and will be able to scale to a top position. It can be a career for a lifetime.

3. It’s Challenging

The demand of gas engineer also means that it’s a challenging job, both mentally and physically. The work requires math abilities, manual skills, prolixity, patience and the ability to communicate with your clients.

4. Job Diversity

Gas fitters can be involved in a diverse range of projects, from domestic jobs to huge commercial projects. One day you may be working in a home on a small boiler and another you could be servicing an industrial heating system in a commercial environment.

5. Time flexibility

You won’t be one of those people tied to a schedule, who sit in the same chair in the same office day after day. You will be switching places and attending different kind of appointments. Each day will be distinct from the other, and you will be able to manage your own time.


What Next?

If you found gas engineering appealing enough, your next move is to train with us! We offer three courses depending on your experience level, and they take place at Barnet and Southgate College. You’ll develop the vital skills and get the qualifications needed for turning into a successful gas engineer! Sign up and start your career!

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