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The Advantages of being a London Bus driver

The Advantages of being a London Bus driver

London is keep moving by its public transport and the London bus is one the most iconic forms to get around the city. Choosing a career in bus driving, especially in London, has a few advantages you may not know about. 

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Lots Of Jobs 

London is a busy city which needs a great deal of public transport and buses are one of the most important elements to the network. Even when there is a tube strike, the bus is always running. You can get a bus to any corner of London and they run 24 hours a day. Meaning they always need a large workforce to keep everything running. With over 25,000 drivers needed to run the network. 


Once you have become a bus driver, there is lots of variety within your job. You could have several different routes to drive and you will get to see all different areas of London. One thing to make sure is you don’t get your routes mixed up as this could land the company a fine. 

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Customer Interaction 

Apart from driving the bus, a big part of the day is helping passengers. Whether that is giving them travel information to greeting them with a smile, your job is to represent London and make everyones journey that little bit easier. Because of the variety of routes, you will get to interact with lots of different people every day. 

Colleague Interaction 

Whilst you might think driving a bus is a solitary one, it is actually very sociable. You get regular breaks to talk to other drivers and you all work as a team with ticket inspections from time to time. 

Good Pay 

Since 2016, London bus drivers’ starting salaries are a minimum of £23,000 per year. With more experienced drivers expecting more. 

If this sounds like a career for you why not sign up for our Bus driving course in partnership with Abellio. You will get a guaranteed interview with them and learn the skills need to take the next steps in your career. 

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