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Transferable skills, Which ones do you have?

Transferable skills, Which ones do you have?

We all pick up skills from our previous jobs, life and are characteristics which can help us when we are applying for roles. Here is how you can show off your transferable skills to your next employer.

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Look at your core skills:

Looking at the core skills you already have and how they could work for any job role in the future, will help you see what skills you can use to promote yourself and what skills you are able to apply or adapt to roles. Checking these skills against the roles you are applying for will allow you to see whether they are applicable or not. Giving examples of how these skills will help you in your next role will also show your next employer how you can apply yourself and how you would be able to fit in with the company.

Skills used in your previous roles:

Listing out your previous responsibilities and seeing what skills you have learnt or applied while in those positions, will help you breakdown and see new skills that you can use and bring to your next role. Even small or everyday tasks can be used for transferable skills, planning a route as a driver – can show good planning, organisational or scheduling skills. Turning to work on time – can show good time keeping skills. Working with other colleagues on projects – can show good team working skills. Every skill that you have pick up can be used in your next role.

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Your characteristics:

Different aspects of your personality can also give you extra skills. Being friendly and positive can be good for someone looking for an upbeat or customer service role. Being creative and sharing ideas are great transferable skills for marketing, design and creative roles. Being good at leading a team and building strong relationships are great skills for management and leadership roles. Also being a good listener or problem solver are great skills for care roles or technical roles. Looking at the job description to see what type of person they might be looking for and seeing whether you have any traits that could match will always help with showing how you are a good fit.

Life skills:

We pick up skills all the time and using our life skills to help show transferable skills will not only show your ability to do the job but also more about you as a person. Organising your teams’ football matches or transport shows your commitment and organisational skills. Recording videos, photography or art can be great skills to show editing skills or attention to detail. The hobbies or interests’ section of your CV is a great place to show off these skills and tailor them to the job you are applying for.

Source: Pexels

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