Why Customer Service is Revolutionising the Security Industry

Traditionally, many have perceived that security guards and door staff need to be big, tall and intimidating men to be able to prevent crime and maintain public safety on the job. But times are changing and not only are more women entering the profession, an emphasis on delivering customer service is revolutionising the industry.

And when you think about it, it makes complete sense. Who would you rather hire to cover security at your event? A company who’s security staff are disinterested, surly and intimidating. Who doesn’t keep in regular contact with you, the client, and who doesn’t address issues in a timely and professional manner? Or a company who’s staff are highly trained, polite and professional, who fit in with your existing staff and a company who goes the extra mile to make sure your security needs are met?

It’s a no brainer.

So how can companies ensure their customer service is second to none? 

Weve 10 ideas below:

  1. Ensure your frontline staff are fully trained and licensed
  2. You and your staff, prioritise the security of the client, its customers, staff and venue at all times
  3. You offer a speedy, friendly and reliable service to your clients. You respond quickly and deal with queries and complaints professionally
  4. Your front line staff turn up on time, are polite and are alert and attentive at all times
  5. Your frontline staff are friendly and polite to all they encounter and only ‘intervene’ when necessary
  6. Your frontline staff intervene effectively and efficiently without attracting undue attention or disturbing other patrons
  7. Your front line staff are able to build rapport with the customers at an event – as this goes a long way to ensuring an event is safe and welcoming
  8. Your front line staff become a part of the team at the venue, and are an extension of your clients staff
  9. You keep in regular contact with your clients and check in to see if there’s any other ways you can provide great service to them
  10. The personal image of your security staff is important and they are smart and professional looking at all times



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