Why people who work in Hospitality are living the dream

If you’ve been to fancy restaurants or hotels, you may have noticed that people who work there often have a huge smile on their faces. If you thought it was just courtesy, you were wrong. The hospitality business has impressive benefits, and their staff are enjoying them.

No need to be jealous: You are just on time to start a career in Hospitality. And what’s even better is that, if you are +19 and unemployed, you can train with us for free. There are currently over 180,000 hospitality businesses in the UK and many opportunities to enter this sector.

It looks like the only way is up! Discover here the benefits of starting a career in Hospitality and, by the end of the list, you’ll be heading to our website to sign-up to our free course.

  • There’s room to grow

There is such an enormous scope within the hospitality industry that there’s never any need for you to get stuck in one position. You could easily move between receptionist jobs, reservations manager to concierge and beyond. If you work hard and show initiative, very soon, you’ll find yourself in a senior position managing people and projects.

  • It’s a safe bet

People always need food, drink and somewhere to sleep, don’t they? There are few industries in the world that provide as many jobs as hospitality, as many cities rely on tourism to boost their economy. And it turns out that even during financially difficult times, people don’t give up their holiday. So if job security is a priority for you, look no further.

  • It’s flexible

If you want to avoid the typical 9-5 shift, you’re in luck. Hospitality workers are busy round the clock, sometimes electing day or night shifts, depending on their field, client needs, and their personal preferences. Your call. You can even choose between only one location or switching between events, in which case you’ll never have a boring routine.

  • It opens the door to the world

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry, and the skills you learn here are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new culture, and new people. If you are an explorer, from tourism to travel, sport to leisure activities, you can see the world’s most beautiful cities while making a living.

  • It’s enjoyable

Hospitality is about being kind and friendly and delivering services that simply make people happy. You have the opportunity to socialize with people all over the world, get to know exclusive bars, restaurants, and hotels, attend parties and festivals, AND from time to time you’ll get to relish in these luxuries as well. You could potentially find yourself traveling the world or dining at five-star restaurants. 

Hospitality offers a sociable and dynamic way of life, and it’s almost recession proof!

Our courses run in London, Manchester and Doncaster. Sign up for free and learn the principles of hospitality including catering, food hygiene, and safety. A world of opportunities is waiting for you.