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Free2Learn provides free training courses for those in unemployment to help them apply for, secure, and maintain employment. Since 2010, Free2Learn has been a home for those in need, offering a friendly and supportive environment for learners to acquire new skills and land a job.  Our mission has always been simple: to help people and local communities grow stronger.



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Job hunting is a competitive sport. It takes guts, determination, and a great team of experts to succeed in your chosen career path. This is where Free2Learn comes in. Our aim is to provide free training courses focused on real-world skills that will help job seekers get back to employment. Sounds good? Discover our wide range of programmes now.


“Free2Learn was a fantastic experience. It changed my life completely and heped me get a job i can be proud of. I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Rebecca Glynn

“”Really enjoyed learning at Free2Learn. Ayse my tutor is great and it is wonderful that I have had the courses paid for. I would highly recommend it.””

Tirza Roberts
Close Protection Course

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