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Get out and Enjoy Green Spaces!

Get out and Enjoy Green Spaces!

Green spaces have become more important to us during the last year, with 1 in 8 of British households not having access to a garden. More than 60% of us spent time outside in green and natural spaces, with 85% of people saying being in nature makes them very happy (gov stats).  Finding green spaces within cities and parks to visit in our local areas, is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and boost our mood.

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Our green urban spaces have also become more important to those of us who don’t have outdoor space and has shown us the value of being in nature and the enjoyment it can bring. So, what green spaces can you get outside and explore?  


We all know about the Royal parks, Greenwich, Kensington, St James and Hampstead Heath but there are many green urban spaces that you might not know about.

Culpeper Community Garden, Islington
This space is a peaceful oasis amongst the buzz and bustle of the city, the Culpeper Community Garden is managed by and for the local people. It’s open seven days a week and is just a short walk from Angel tube station.

Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington
This garden cemetery is one of seven Victorian examples in London, collectively known as ‘the magnificent seven’. It’s also a woodland memorial park and a local Nature Reserve. It is the perfect place to explore and wonder around.

Peckham Rye park, Peckham
In South London, Peckham Rye park has an Arboretum, Japanese garden, the Sexby Garden and plenty of common area.  It is also near Camberwell old cemetery and Brenchley Gardens for those who want to follow the local green walking route.   

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This northern town situated to the west of the peak district has some local parks of its own that are worth investigating.  

Tandle Hill Country Park

This country park, in Royton, consists of 110 acres of woodland and open fields. The park has a centre, picnic areas and play area. It has many trails to explore and paths that lead you around the park. On a clear day it can offer views of Manchester and of the Welsh Mountains. 

Alexandra Park

In the heart of Oldham town centre, it has an observatory, two large ponds with fountains, boathouse, conservatory, pavilion gardens and plenty of statues.  It also has off the track including Donnelly’s hollows. It also has a bowling green and tennis courts.

Strinesdale reservoir

Strinesdale has reservoirs, woodlands and meadows surrounded by farmland. It is an oasis of countryside just outside of Oldham’s town centre. It has beautiful landscapes with a surprising array of habitats for wildlife and facilities for outdoor activities to enjoy.

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Located on the east side of the peak district, Doncaster has many green flag awarded park areas and spaces to explore.

Sandall Park

One of the largest parks in Doncaster, Sandall Parkis home to beautiful scenery, a variety of facilities and a fantastic volunteer group. It has lakes, outdoor exercise equipment, wildlife and trails. It is a vital green lung of the community and a key city green space.

Thorpe Marsh Nature Reserve

On the east bank of the River Don floodplain, Thorpe Marsh nature reserve is an area of lowland grassland with a large lake and small patches of woodland and scrub. The woodland gives many feeding and nesting opportunities for woodpeckers, owls and many others. Perfect place to walk and watch out for local wildlife.

Hexthrope Park

Just outside the City Centre, Hexthorpe park offers places to play, sports and exercise facilities, like BMX tracks and skate park. It has scenic woodland, sculptures and The Dell Garden. It has nature walks and the park is boarded by the River Don.

Source: Pexels


Langley Park

This is one of the best kept secrets, Langley Park is stepped in history and very important to local wildlife. It has a Temple garden, views of Windsor Castle and woodland to explore. With an arboretum and history trails, the park offers you the chance to escape back into nature. 

Salt Hill Park

Right in the heart of Slough is Salt hill park. Slough’s premier park for more than 100 years, still keeps up with the times and offers a range of up-to-date facilities and educational activities in an Edwardian setting. It has sports areas, recreation and play for local residents and visitors.

Upton Court park

Upton Court Park is Slough’s largest park, big enough to hold large events but still having a natural rural charm in the heart of a modern bustling town. It has woodland and wetlands, landscaped parkland, streamside walks and out spaces.

If you don’t know where your local parks are then you can use the government website to help you get out there and enjoy nature: Find your local park – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

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