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Minding the Gap in your Resume

Minding the Gap in your Resume

The pandemic has resulted in many people losing their jobs or has made it harder to find one. How do you address this gap in employment while applying for new jobs?

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Employers are interviewing applicants with resume gaps as long as two year, according to a recent study of more than 36,000 applications. The is a big change from 10 years age, when even a short break could really affect your career. 9.8% of people with a two-year gap were contacted by employers for follow-up interviews. With 11.3% where called back with no gaps at all. 76% of people aged 24 to 38 were expected to take a career break longer than a month. This reason maybe because they will need to work longer before retirement or not be able to retire at all.  This all poses new opportunities for people to get back into a career.

When you’re in the job application process, most job interviews are no longer based on who can say the right things and look and act the calmest on the day. Companies are looking for people with a little something more. Being honest and vulnerable are highly valued traits. While you apply for jobs and write your CV and cover letters, be transparent and open about any breaks in your working history. Employers will understand, especially if it is from the pandemic. You will also need to be prepared to answer questions about what you did during that time off. For example, you could say that while you were applying for roles, you took an online course to improve your skills, volunteered for a community project, started and shared a blog, just to name a few. This will show your interviewer that you were being pro-active about your situation and have added new skills that can help their business. Keep it short and focus on your previous experiences.

A good way to get back in work after a break is to be part of an apprenticeship or a lower position until you find your way again. This will help boost your confidence and get you back into the working ways again.  However, if you are still looking for a new opportunity and need to reskill or upskill. Free2Learn has courses in a wide range of areas that can help you get back into the work place.

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