The Future of Work

Over the years, work has drastically changed both in how employees are hired and in the process of work. Boundaries are fading and traditional jobs are ceasing to exist. The reality is that most jobs have been changing and will be altered even further in the next few years. Rather than focusing on a specific career path, it is now deemed most advantageous to gain a wide set of skills which are desired across all industries. Research shows that during one’s lifetime, he or she is expected to have over 15 jobs across five industries.

Most jobs will be transformed and it is impossible to follow a strict path in the hope of pursuing this one job. Instead, employers search for candidates with a range of multiple skills that could take on more decision authority and operate across the company, covering different areas of work. However, the changing nature of work is far more complex than being simply about the transformation of traditional jobs. The development of new technology has led to a different work atmosphere with a less hierarchical structure and a focus on a quick and proactive attitude.

Advances in technology have caused one of the most dramatic shifts the working world has ever seen. Work is no longer place-oriented and has become more of an activity. Office work is now portable and easily accessible. Technology connects office work to home or other leisure spaces, so not all work must be done in the office. Additionally, technology makes things instant. Since an employee could effectively complete a request instantly and from home, employers expect punctuality and have harsher time restraints. Nowadays, employers anticipate that workers will efficiently complete tasks while under time pressure as there are few time restraints.

The process of work has been wholly transformed into a more cognitively complex practice. Companies depend on collaborative work, social skills, and technological competence. Although this may seem like a harsh change- putting more pressure and expectations on workers-this change in fact opens the doors for employees and gives them more freedom to pursue different career paths and delve in many industries. Training is no longer a linear path into one specific field; work is now about using many, different skillsets to be able to unlock several jobs and appear as an adaptable worker to employers. In a transforming professional world, the best way to become a successful, employable individual is by gaining skills and experience.

So, what can Free2Learn do to help you adapt to the future of work? F2L is up to date with employment models which are constantly updating and evolving. Employees now learn not only through training, but also through interactions with industry professionals and by experiencing work first-hand. Learning develops from mentoring relationships between newcomers and those with practice, and F2L offers this sort of active learning. We focus on skills and experience- qualifications which employers look for in future employees. Our courses will help you enter numerous industries through learning skills such as customer service, retail, loss prevention, construction health and safety, team leading, warehousing principles, hospitality, employability, and more! The future or work is rapidly transforming; Free2Learn stays on top of these trends to ensure the most efficient training for a new world of work!

Get a job next winter with Free2Learn’s Energy Training

Free2Learn’s Energy Training grants you all the qualifications needed to join the Gas and Energy sector. We provide a variety of Gas Compliance training courses which will ensure success in your effort to join this industry! Whether you are brand new to the industry or an experienced gas engineer, we have industry experienced trainers and the courses for you.

Based in a state of the art Gas Training Facility, you will be taught skills by experienced industry professionals in order to progress through the ACS nationally accredited certification scheme and other gas qualifications.

This short course will allow you to quickly and efficiently gain skills and qualifications for this field. You can do this course this summer and have a job by next winter! You will engage in college based training, create a portfolio, and be assessed by the best professionals in the field. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn gas legislation, building regulations, principles of combustion, domestic natural gas pipework, design and installation, and more in just a short period of time!

F2L will offer you the theory and practical skills to cover the knowledge and understanding to work safely in the Gas and Energy sector, ensuring you are ready for the world of work and fully qualified along the way!

For more information about enrolling in this course please contact Mike at or visit our webiste for the location of courses.

A Need for UK Security

In light of the heart-breaking and tragic events which have unfolded recently across the globe and more recently in London, officials everywhere are deliberating how to best combat terrorism and provide additional, professional security. The current threat level for terrorism in the UK is severe, and in response to this threat, police and security services are working diligently to keep possible terrorists under surveillance and to protect the public.
The terrorist attack outside a concert arena in Manchester confronted security operations, and exposed the vulnerabilities of security patrol. Showsec, the concert’s security provider, were instructed to safeguard only who entered or left the arena, but not just outside the arena, where the attack occurred. The true vulnerabilities in security lie in the areas which are only loosely secured, such as outside a concert, the lobby of an airport, or the streets- areas which have minimum security, but not enough to prevent an attack.


Security is an ever-needed and growing industry. As mentioned before, the UK is in a state of national emergency, and another terrorist attack is deemed very likely by authorities.

The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester Arena and London Bridge have hurled security and policing to the top of the agenda. Security is an industry which will always need a large workforce, and Britain is already hiring thousands of new recruits as counter-terrorism measures.


The recent events and the UK’s severe threat level are dreadful and grave occurrences. This has led to an opening for more security work and opportunities. Free2Learn offers a security course which sets up a platform to find work in this fundamental sector. By offering loss prevention, fire safety, manual handling, and health and safety skills, as well as covering the cost of acquiring the SIA license, F2L will help you to find your place in the security field.

In this age of terrorism, the UK needs more security workers and officials to counter the atrocious acts, scrutinise suspects, and help protect the public. The skills and qualifications learned during the security course at Free2Learn will employ you in a job in which you can alleviate the public worry, secure those vulnerable public areas around the UK, and join the efforts to combat terrorism.