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Beyond Qualifications

“Now sky is the limit”

Shane Hall

In 2008, Shane decided to change his life once and for all by attending our Functional Skills course. When he first joined the Free2Learn family, Shane was feeling insecure about his future while his self-esteem was incredibly low. After a lot of hard work and determination, Shane finished the programme with a GCSE equivalent of grade D (Level 1), his English and math skills were massively improved despite dealing with dyslexia, while his confidence was completely restored.

“My SIA badge shows the world I’m skilled and qualified”

Nigel Thomson

Free2Learn was a life-changing experience for Nigel. Not only he got the necessary tools to land a job in the security sector, but he, also, developed a variety of soft skills that helped him get back to empoyment. Today, Nigel is in charge of a school’s premises in Stratford and, at the same time, works as a door supervisor.

“I am exactly where I always wanted to be”

Anta Wilkins

Anta turned her passion into a career. When we first met Anta, she had no plans in the horizon and felt uncertain about her future and career prospects. Fortunately, the Free2Learn team welcomed Anta with open arms and helped her kick-start her career in the beauty industry. Anta is now a trainee at the Shea’D Beauty Salon in East London and, once her training is complete, she will start working full-time as a nail-artist.

“I now have a job I can be proud of”

Shaun Patrick

After his time in prison, Shaun faced a very important dilemma: either repeat his usual lifestyle and way of living or changing the course of his life once and for all. Having completed his course at Free2Learn, Shaun can now dream for the future. Today, he works the night-shifts at Sainsbury’s and, once he receives his licence, he will move to a forklifting position with much more responsibility.

“Free2Learn offers a lot of benefits”

Alicia Campbell

Your potential has always been our passion. Makeup and Nails Technology learner, Alicia Campbell, talks about her lifechanging journey at Free2Learn, the skills she developed, and the knowledge she acquired that will support her land a job in the beauty sector. Click here and watch what Alicia had to say about Free2Learn’s beauty courses.

“More opportunities to do the things we love”

Tashea Toni-ann Herbert

Our mission is to support you get the skills and knowledge needed to get back into employment. Tashea Toni-ann Herbert, one of our Makeup and Nails Technician learners, shares her experience in Free2Learn and discusses about the skills and competencies she developed that will help her kick-start her career in the beauty sector. Find out everything there is to know about our beauty courses from Tashea by clicking here.

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