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How to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease

How to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease

As the final stage of the pandemic roadmap looks like it might go ahead on June 21, here are five ways to protect your health if it does.

Source: Pexels

It feels as though we are turning a corner with the pandemic; the UK has recorded zero daily deaths for the first time since the virus hit, and the glorious weather over the bank holiday weekend drew many out to familiar locations and activities. While there is a lot to feel positive about, we still need to think about how to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease.

Though there have been many U-turns by the government on the Coronavirus timeline previously, the prime minister Boris Johnson says he expects the planned lifting of restrictions in England on June 21 to go ahead. Scientists, however, remain slightly more cautious about the final stage of the roadmap. 

The vaccination roll out is continuing to go well, with close to 40% of the British population now fully vaccinated, according to official statistics. However, even if you have had both jabs, this does not make you completely immune, so it is wise to take precautions even when you are no longer officially required to. Here are five simple ways to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease.

Source: Pexels
  • Keep washing those hands

We should all know by now that washing our hands often and using hand sanitiser regularly is good practice while Coronavirus is still around. Even when restrictions lift, it is a good idea to continue to make this part of your daily routine, and make sure to take your own sanitiser when out and about as it might become less readily available as the rules shift.

  • Don’t throw away your mask

Though you might not be required to wear a mask in the future, it is still a sensible move to put one on if you are headed to somewhere crowded or intend to spend time in an enclosed space. The virus can pass through airborne droplets, so this forms a barrier to protect you and those around you. It might also help to make you feel more confident while readjusting to doing more activities or in the workplace.

  • Stay outside when you can

Though most of us are delighted about the prospect of eating inside a restaurant again, try to stick to outdoor activities when you can. The virus is less likely to be transmitted outdoors, and with the weather finally starting to heat up, take advantage of this and meet friends and family in the sunshine.

  • Consider your hugs carefully

One of the things many of us have been longing for is the chance to hug loved ones again, but should we really be doing this if we want to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease? There is no right or wrong answer, but maybe consider who you are hugging. Are they a person at high risk? Have you all been vaccinated? Would you feel just as happy going without physical contact? All good questions to ask yourself before diving in for a bear hug.

  • Maintain space when possible

How to stay safe as Coronavirus restrictions ease? One way is to continue to keep your distance whenever possible. The social distancing markings on floors might soon be a thing of the past, but we can still be sensible about how closely we gather. Give others space when out in public, and try to do essential tasks like shopping, travelling or exercising at non-peak times, and choose quieter locations or routes.

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