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Opportunities for older works – Getting back into the workforce

Opportunities for older works – Getting back into the workforce

Over the past year many people of all different ages have change roles, lost their jobs or have faced challenges to do with their job. The government created schemes, like the kick start scheme for 19-24’s, but what is there for people not in that age group?  There has been a warning that ‘older’ people who have lost their jobs get worse support than younger people, leading to the numbers of older workers falling out of the workforce for good. Under the work program job outcomes were much lower for older participants. Also many older works that return to the workforce experience a pay hit. There was a pilot to give tax credit supplements for older workers to make up the difference.

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One of the reasons for concern is that scheme staffs are incentivised by pay and prioritise helping workers who it is easier to find new jobs for, which tend to be younger people. Older workers take the longest, on average, to return to employment.

Becoming unemployed during the pandemic can potentially have a big impact on older workersretirement plans, either forcing them to retire earlier than they would have planned to, thereby reducing their income in retirement, or forcing them to work longer to make up for lost earnings, -The Guardian

Older workers are huge assets to our workforce and should have the same and equal opportunities to get back into work.

There are many different options for someone in this situation to get back into work. The Jobcentre Plus can help with skills and signposting you to further local resources. You can also use there ‘Find a Job Services’ to help look for jobs. Age UK also offer further advice to help older workers find jobs. You can contact an adviser to help you improve your CV with the National Careers Service. Who can also help with job searching and up-skilling?

You also have access to the apprenticeships scheme, which is not just for young people. They give an opportunity to gain skills and experience in a new field. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply and take the step towards building a new career.

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Older workers also have the opportunity to become self-employed and build a business with the experience and the developed knowledge gain over your working life. UnLtd support social entrepreneurs throughout the UK. They regularly work with over-50’s looking to make a difference in their local community and beyond. You can also use the Ne Enterprise Allowance from the government to help with money, support and mentorship to start your own business.

You could also up-skill or retrain with a free course. At Free2Learn we have a range of courses to help with digital skills for the workplace, business skills, Maths and English, employability, team leading and much more. We also help you with cv advice, job hunting and workshops around employment. Go to: free2learn.org.uk/courses to see what inspires you today.

Jobcentre Plus – ‘Find a job’ service (previously Universal Jobmatch).

Age UK – how to find a job as an older worker.

Use jobhelp for tips on finding work at 50 plus.

Gov over 50’s support: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/help-and-support-for-older-workers/help-and-support-for-older-workers

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