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Read about our learners stories from their time at Free2Learn. Find out what free course they took and what employment opportunities they had afterwards. If you have studied with us, share your story with us too.

“My confidence grow and so have my opportunities”

Taking a course with Free2Learn has had a real impact and difference for me due to my confidence and it helped me a lot with my communication skills. Since attending the course I was able to work independently but also within a team. It really helped me to understand the world more, it gave me an insight to what I would experience once I qualified and it really helped to prepare me. Taking a new direction in my career was daunting, however I felt that the help and support I received from Free 2 Learn staff members as well as my tutors enabled me to build my confidence.

“I now have a job I can be proud of”

After his time in prison, Shaun faced a very important dilemma: either repeat his usual lifestyle and way of living or changing the course of his life once and for all. Having completed his course at Free2Learn, Shaun can now dream for the future. Today, he works the night-shifts at Sainsbury’s and, once he receives his licence, he will move to a forklifting position with much more responsibility.

“I can speak with more confidence and be little bit more confident.”

Lorena used to be a waitress but has had a dream of going to university. She wants to go on to further study in future and become a Spanish teacher. She joined our Functional skills course, after seeing it on social media, to improve her English. She only spoke a bit of English and wanted to learn more about the finer details of using it. Lorena learnt a lot and had a very nice teacher. It made her more confidant and It’s helped improve the job she does now. She would recommend the course to her friends and one of her friends is coming to the next class.

“What Free2Learn did was give me that boost which was needed, that extra motivation.”

Riyaz moved to the UK and started his career in Security. In 2011, he was Security Group Leader for the Olympic Park, line managing 7 people and direct operational command over 500 people. He was made redundant in June 2014 and stayed unemployed for 5 months. He started with the customer service and team leading courses and thought that it was a great addition to the training. It gives you the ability to work with other people and to sell yourself better. He met people with different backgrounds and life experiences, from different ages and even different countries, which motivated him even further. Now, he’s in a Project Management role, working for the storage place of the V&A, Science Museum and British Museum, in Kensington Olympia. He is overseeing their relocation to Stratford in 2023, which is a massive project to be working on!

“Going to Glastonbury as part of my new role was amazing!”

Bethany attended the SIA course with Free2learn as she was interested in working within the security industry. Although Bethany didn’t enjoy school she thoroughly enjoyed her time at Free2learn and even made new friends along the way. Bethany successfully completed 5 qualifications in total, including a BTEC Level 2 in door supervision, and has now applied for an SIA licence (which Free2learn are funding too).

The highlight of Bethany’s summer was landing her dream job as an Events Steward at Glastonbury… which she thoroughly enjoyed (despite the porta-loo’s). She even managed to get a free wristband to visit the stages in between shifts!! Bethany loves working at events and intends to continue working the festival circuit for the foreseeable future.

“You are never too young or too old to learn new skills!”

Free2Learn was a life-changing experience for Nigel. Not only he got the necessary tools to land a job in the security sector, but he, also, developed a variety of soft skills that helped him get back to employment. Now, Nigel is working in a school in London, where he’s in charge of the premises. Once he ready, he will start working in security as well and the great thing is that he already has jobs lined up. Having his SIA badge shows the world that he’s skilled and qualified and his motivation proved that you’re never too young or too old to learn!

“I came to the course with high spirits and left with high spirits!”

Sully had been living in the UK for 15 year but felt as though her English was holding her back from progressing in her career. It was very important to her to improve her English for communication and for finding a job. She found out about the course through a friend and though that his teacher was fantastic. She explained everything very well. She learnt a lot about writing while on the course and wants to go to a college and move up, moving on from her current job and do something more. It’s given her more confidence to be able to go out and improve her career chances. She came to the course with high spirits and left with high spirits! They had a good time and made friends.

“The teachers are very good, the whole group is good.”

Jose is a painter and decorator who wanted to improve his English to help his career progression and business. The course has helped with his writing and speaking skills, meaning he can communicate better with clients and improve his career prospects. He would like to become the Manager for the company he works for and though the course helped him to start that journey

“I am exactly where I always wanted to be!”

Anta turned her passion into a career. When we first met Anta, she had no plans in the horizon and felt uncertain about her future and career prospects. Fortunately, the Free2Learn team welcomed Anta with open arms and helped her kick-start her career in the beauty industry. Anta is now a trainee at the Shea’D Beauty Salon in East London and, once her training is complete, she will start working full-time as a nail-artist.

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