Should your Hospitality Business Disclose Whether it’s on TripAdvisor or Not?

Anyone in the hospitality business will have come across TripAdvisor – the forum and reviews site where the public rate and leave comments about their experiences with hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and other establishments – some positive, some not so positive.

Many hotel managers and hospitality businesses are on the fence about whether they should promote that they’re on TripAdvisor, and link to it on their website, or not. We’re here to share the pros, and the cons of disclosing your on TripAdvisor to your guests.


The Pros of Disclosing TripAdvisor

If you deliver great customer service and pay attention to detail, you’ll likely gather a lot of great reviews – which you definitely want to be showcasing to prospective guests. TripAdvisor reviews made by your guests will give potential guests and honest insight into what your business is like and less of a cookie-cutter testimonial which might not sound credible.

Website testimonials can be written by the company themselves – so showcasing or linking to TripAdvisor reviews shows that you care about the integrity and honesty of your reviews and are happy to share them. This sort of transparency helps build trust.

You can handle comments and reviews that aren’t satisfactory and do something to rectify it. Keeping an eye on your reviews on TripAdvisor and having an official account to respond to them will not only help you gather useful feedback, but could help turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer – and all helps you show you’re transparency to others.


The Cons of Disclosing TripAdvisor

Some people claim there is a lack of reliability with TripAdvisor reviews. Firstly, people who check TripAdvisor out before booking can’t be sure of the motives behind the reviewer – if it’s positive is the reviewer a friend of the establishment. If it’s negative, are they genuine? Secondly, it’s not easy to gauge the tastes and preferences of a reviewer – some people’s standards are higher (or lower) than others and this can be hard to judge.

There have also been reports of fake reviews written (or indeed commissioned) by either the owner of the business being reviewed, or a competitor trying to sabotage them. Although TripAdvisor say they take steps to stop this happening, there have been instances where fake reviews have slipped through the net and been caught by the press.

If you have a couple of bad reviews mixed in with majority of good, and you share those on your website or other marketing – will that taint someone’s opinion of booking with you? Potentially but how likely is it they would have checked out the reviews on TripAdvisor before booking anyway?


There’s no set answer as to whether you should disclose your TripAdvisor reviews and share them on your website and other marketing, however now you understand the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that feels right for your business.

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