The Warehousing boom effect in Doncaster, York

Logistics and Warehousing Sector Increasing in Doncaster

Doncaster houses some of the UK’s best logistic centres. With the opening of iPort, six million square feet of Grade A warehousing, thousands of new job opportunities have emerged and Doncaster has become a hub for the logistics and warehousing industry. The iPort already has funding and consent to expand its already large warehousing space of two million square feet into up to six million square feet of logistics space and has direct access to the motorway and UK rail network.

It is not enough to stay that this centre has large facilities and good links, because the future could be uncertain. However, iPort has implemented a plan of sustainability to ensure security and longevity of this location. They have applied energy saving features such as solar power and have reduced carbon emissions through lower HGV movements. This sustainable practice means that the location will be able to thrive and survive for long and it can guarantee job security.

More exciting plans have been discussed- a new development of more than 150 acres will join Doncaster and give way for some big businesses to develop. The area in which this will take place, West Moor Park, is already known for creating 2,500 jobs. This development means that it will offer opportunities to accommodate some of the biggest operators in logistics. Due to such high-reaching proposals, the Doncaster area is set for a high level of confidence in the logistics and warehousing sector.

The opening of a new Amazon centre in Doncaster is set to create over 500 new jobs. Amazon has a released a statement claiming that these new jobs will be full time, will offer competitive pay, and will also offer comprehensive benefits. This new centre will be based at the iPort site and will be the third fulfilment centre in Doncaster for Amazon, denoting that there is certainty of jobs, which is rare in such uncertain times. All these new opportunities in Doncaster create the perfect opening for individuals looking to enter an important and secure industry.

Located in Doncaster, Free2Learn’s Logistics and Warehousing course offers the required skills to succeed in a prominent hub for the Logistics and Warehousing industry. Taking this course will not only grant you all the qualifications to make you an outstanding employee, but it will also help you to create links with various significant companies emerging in this area. You will become skilled in customer services, learn how to effectively lead and encourage a team, acquire warehousing principles, learn to stock control, and gain knowledge in personal development and employability. Taking this course in a city with so much to offer and even more underway, you will be on a perfect path for success in this sector!

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