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5 Ways to support your local companies

5 Ways to support your local companies

During these uncertain times we need to support our local business whether through buying from independent shops or helping to hire locally. Doing our bit however small, will help get the economy going and support people who have been made redundant.

Source: Pexel

Buying locally

Buying locally and shopping in more independent businesses will help support your local area. Things like; buying shampoo and produces from your local hairdresser can support them even though we may not be going to have our haircut so often. Buying food from the market instead of the supermarket, it tastes better but also helps support local producers. Using the local florist, pub or restaurant will all add to the community and bring your area back to life.

Offer Support

Offering help to other local businesses where possible will help the whole community. Supporting with logistics, supply or even staff members will help keep businesses running and boosting the community. Even making time to talk to someone about how their business is going and offering time to talk, may help boost the spirits and create new connections and support networks.

Leave Good Reviews

Leaving good reviews about your local business will help them get more customers and help them build up a good reputation. Even posting on your social media about your experience will help with exposure and encourage others to shop their too.

Source: Pexel

Sharing is Caring

Some businesses won’t be able to sustain the up keep of PPE and other Covid related protection measures. If you are a larger business and are able about to help out a smaller one with these extra necessaries, it can go a long way to helping them stay safe and keep their doors open.

Order Online

Many businesses have an online presence and are able to sell their products on their website. Ordering what you would normally buy on the store’s website will help keep them going, even if they are physically open. It will also give them encouragement to know that people are still willing and able to support them even though they may not be able to open their doors.

Source: Pexel

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Our mission is to provide and promote opportunities for personal and professional growth for any job seeker and employer to combat unemployment.

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