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Is the UK growing in confidence now that we are coming out of lockdown?

Is the UK growing in confidence now that we are coming out of lockdown?

With some key industries getting a well needed boost, are things starting to look up and should we be skill matching to meet this new growth? 

Source: Pexels

Confidence amongst workers is increasing as we come further out of lockdown. New data from LinkedIn has shown that certain areas are growing more than others. They asked 1,800 professionals back in June about the levels of confidence they had about their jobs, finances, and careers. They found that there was an average score of 17 (on a scale of -100 to 100). This was an increase of 31% from the previous month which was 13. People who were interviewed and actively seeking a job also felt slightly more optimistic too. With 23% saying that they thought jobs would increase in availability in the coming weeks. This group also said that they had planned to increase the time they spent on looking for a job but with the expectation of having a higher number of applications for each job they applied to. However, only 19% thought that they would get a response from a hiring manager would increase.

Source: LinkedIn

In this survey they found that the industries that showed a good score and where more confident where people working in Construction and IT Services. These where followed by Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing. All of these industries have not been that effected by the pandemic and with the Construction industry having new plans from the Government, it may come out of this in a better shape than before. Healthcare unsurprisingly is up their too, after all the hard work and dedication they have put in over the last few months, no wonder they are feeling confident and we can only presume that it will be a career path of choice for many people. The Government has also announced that more hospitals will be built and more funding available, meaning that a career in this sector will be rewarding and sustainable in the future. It is a great time for job seekers to look at roles in the areas that have the most confidence as these will the sectors where there is more likely to be the most vacancies or increase in vacancies. At the moment there are over 50 top employers with open vacancies in Construction, Security, retail and more. All the big supermarkets have hundreds of roles available and places like Mitie who are known for security have over 700 open roles. With companies such as Costain Group and Jacobs having roles in Construction. 

Sources: Pexels


It’s not only going to be about having confidence within the sector of work but also having the skills needed to go into these sectors will put you in good stead for starting your career. There are many different ways that you could gain the skills you need and get some work experience beforehand. One of these ways is to take a course in your chosen area and with courses being delivered virtual to you at home, it is the perfect time to brush up on your skills or learn something new. Also if you are 19-24 you will be able to take part in the new Government Kick Start Scheme for anyone who is a job seeker and looking to go into their new career. At Free2learn we provide free courses and traineeships, that give you the skills and confidence to go out into the world of work. Go to: https://free2learn.org.uk/courses/  to see where it could take you!

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