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Tips for Learning Online

Tips for Learning Online

With more people learning online, here are some top tips and skills to learn while we are still in Lockdown.

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Lockdown may have started as a novel way for us to catch up on all the box sets we have missed out on or be on social media. But increasing numbers of people are using this time to learn new skills. Spending some of our quarantine time on self-education makes sense. In the long term it will boost your skills and career even if things are looking uncertain. Learning a new skill can also give you a sense of control and help focus on the here and now, instead of what could be happening and the unknowns.

There are lots of online courses out there and picking the right one can be hard. You might be temped to sign up to one just because it has a good name behind it. But having a good name and being well know does not always mean it’s going to be good quality. Finding something that’s right for you and your skill level is the key. Whether you are looking for that top up of skills to get your first job or have been furloughed. The right course for you is out there.

Staying motivated while doing your course is one of the more challenging facts of doing it online and at home. With distractions and temptations all around you, staying focused and motivated will help you get the most out of the course. Getting yourself into a routine and getting into a schedule will help you stay on track. It will also get you into good working practices for when you do go back to work too, as having good time management and organisational skills is something employers are always looking for in their candidates. Treating your online course as if it is a physical one will help too. Showing up on time, making an effort with exercises and homework and you will be well on your way to completing your course. Getting to know your class mates and creating a support network can help you outside the virtual classroom. You could set up after class chats to help with work or better understanding things. Keeping each other motivated and enjoying the course together makes you get more out of it too.

After you have completed your course it does not have to be the end. For some, this is just the beginning and it will give you a greater confidence to learn more and go out and find what your passion is. For others, the course is enough but that is ok. The fact that you took the time to learn new skills and allowed yourself to connect with new people, transforming this time to learn something new, shows how small things can help the here and now.

source: Pexels.com

Top skills to learn in lockdown:

Creating a better Cover letter or CV

They can make or break your job opportunities and making sure it is right for the roles you want to apply for is key. Taking the time to learn and understand what people are looking for will get you noticed and standout.

Digital Skills

Learning digital skills will ensure that you are up to date with the skills needed to work in the modern workplace. It also means that you will be prepared for roles now and in future sectors.

Functional Skills

This means making sure you are brushed up on your Maths and English skills. It could also mean learning skills like public speaking, group discussion and other wider topics that all come into play when you’re in a work situation. It can also give you life skills for example better budgeting and confidence in yourself.

Business Skills

Learning about different aspects of a business such as improvements to techniques or administration skills will help give you a wide variety of skills that can be applied to any workplace or even help you set up your own. Learning them now means you can go back fully prepared or start any job off on the right foot.

 At Free2Learn we have a range to virtual courses for you to take part in while we are in Lockdown and beyond. We also help you develop extra skills like cv writing or digital skills to ensure you have what employers are looking for. Go to: https://free2learn.org.uk/courses/ to find which course inspires you and start learning your new skills today! 





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