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Embracing Unexpected Change

Embracing Unexpected Change

Last year was challenging in many different ways and the ability to adapt and embrace change is something that we have all had to do. Change happens all the time in our lives, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. It is important to recognise when change is happening and to embrace what it has to bring. Here are some tips for embracing change.

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  • Acknowledge change

Acknowledging that change is happening can help you understand that things can and will be different from how they are now. You can be aware of it happening and approach it from a place of positivity. Since change can happen quickly and at any point, recognising it and not refusing to believe it will help the transition go smoother.

  • Accept it

Instead of trying to stop the change from happening, allow the change to unfold, try and understand what’s transforming and why. Whatever happens, refusing to accept it will not give you any of the benefits it can bring. It can teach us many lessons that can help us move forward to where we want to be. 

  • Learn from it

If you accept and embrace change, you can start looking for and finding lessons from it. Reflecting back on the changes that have happened and accepting them, you will absorb the lessons and be able to use them in the future. Change can be your greatest teacher, if you allow yourself the permission to learn from it.

Source: Pexels
  • Stay in the Present

Change, no matter how positive, can be a challenge as it often causes us to remove ourselves from the present. Instead of going about our day-to-day lives and not thinking too much about what is next, change brings in and makes us think about the future. It can fill our minds with worries and concerns. Don’t allow any questions you have to override the joy of an opportunity appearing before you.

  • Stay Positive

If you are thinking about the future, try to not focus on what could go wrong, but instead what could go right. Envision how this positive change can be a good thing. You can spend time thinking about all the ways it can work out well. Also speak about it with optimism. It might be true that you’re uncertain or feel undeserving but everything we do is uncertain. We don’t know what is going to happen so focusing on the potential will bring a positive change.

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